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[Mar. 9th, 2009|10:43 pm]
the young naturalists



  Cigarras /



Cicadas are one of god's cruelest jokes upon nature. Despite having enormous charisma, they can only hit one note -in it's endless scales and variables-. While birds interpret a myriad of whimsical melodies and flash their feathers to bird-admirers, cicadas stick to their capabilities by singing passionate one-note songs in high pitch and crescendo.

The cicada's conviction goes to morbid depths when, drunk of despair, they hit a note so high that their bodies can't take it, and explode with a very loud "pluck" (and thus giving a second note to their song). It is then when everybody turns their heads in their direction, and people start talking in the corners and by the water cooler about the cicada that died because of its song. The papers will publish pictures of the flat, disemboweled body of the cicada oozing some yellow fluid, and notorious birds will admit the influence of the cicada's one note song in their repertoire. A song that, naturally, no one remembers, except for that booming "pluck" of the end.